Monday, March 31, 2014

Oracle BPM 11g MDS Error - Unable to Extend Table in Tablespace

Common error on BPM deployment and runtime is the engine cannot find a table or view and saying that it doesn't exist. Further investigation will result on the following error.

MDS-00001: exception in Metadata Services layer
MDS-00515: failure to save document /deployed-composites/default/ProjectName/businessCatalog/SchemaDataModule/XSD_NAME.xsd in the metadata repository 
ORA-01653: unable to extend table SCHEMANAME.TABLENAME by 1024 in tablespace TABLESPACENAME

This will mostly kill currently running application or fails a deployment.
Below is the solution that I take to solve the problem.

First, connect to your database as sysdba and execute this query.

select file_name,status from dba_data_files;

This query will return all the .dbf file location used by the system and its availability.
Find out the .dbf that produce the problem above. For my example, it will be soainfra table which file located on '/installPath/DEV1_soainfra.dbf'.

Take note on this location because we will use it for the next step.

Next step, execute this query and the location on highlighted 'part' based on the query above. Here's the example.

alter database datafile '/installPath/DEV1_soainfra.dbf' autoextend on maxsize unlimited;

That's it. We set the datafile to autoextend without maximum size so this problem will not reoccur. This should solve the problem on BPM application. Please note that due to the setting of unlimited autoextend, the server should have enough disk space to cater it.

Hope it helps. Cheers!

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